• Income tax applies to the amount of income after deduction of personal allowances.

• For 2017/18 the Scottish Parliament set the rates of income tax and the limits at which these rates apply for Scottish residents.

• Income is taxed in a specific order with savings and dividend income taxed last.

• Dividend income and savings income falling within the dividend and savings allowances still form part of total income of an individual.

• The starting rate band is only applicable to savings income. The 0% rate is not available if the taxable amount of non-savings income
  exceeds the starting rate band.

Income tax rates 2017/18

Band of taxable income
 Rate  Rate if dividends
 £    %  %
 0 - 5,000
 Starting rate for savings
 0  N/A
 0 - 31,500
 Basic Rate
 20  7.5
 31,501 - 150,000
 Higher rate
 40  32.5
 over 150,000
 Additional rate
 45  38.1
 Special rates for savings and dividend income falling into above bands of taxable income
 Savings Allowance
 Basic rate taxpayers
 1,000  0  
 Higher rate taxpayers
 500  0  
 Additional rate taxpayers
 Nil  N/A  
 Dividend Allowance
 for all taxpayers
 5,000    0