"Good business planning begins with ambition, policy & strategy, objective setting, knowledge of operational resource and being able to measure outcomes"

At Walker Thompson we seek to do this through our Vision - which is our ambitious attitude to the future; our Mission - which is how we will achieve our Vision; and our Values - which set out the way in which we conduct our business.

Our Vision

“To be the best provider of solutions for business in Coventry & Warwickshire”

Our Mission

  • Accessible - we will endeavour to always be available to deal with client affairs
  • Credible  - we will present information to the highest standards
  • Continuous improvement - we will always seek to improve our business
  • Openness  - we will be transparent in our dealings with people
  • Understanding - we will always seek to understand the needs of clients
  • Networking  - we will engage with others in order to provide solutions
  • Timely - we will act in a time measured way to avoid delays
  • Satisfaction service - we will measure success by regular satisfaction surveys

"Altogether this accounts for what we do"

Our Values

  • Client satisfaction - we will deliver to client expectations
  • Teamwork that works - we believe that working together works best
  • Excellent communication - we endeavour to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Care for our people - we try to adopt a work life balance
  • Partnership values - we believe in the benefits of working with others
  • Continuous improvement - we know that the world does not stand still